Take Flight – Part One: Lost

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Take Flight (Part One – Lost)


Jack, a 28 year old Brit currently residing in Porto, experiences a disruption in his routinely simplistic lifestyle one evening when a young woman falls into the river Douro.

Mind of Mike

Porto is a place I have had the pleasure of visiting twice. When I first visited with friends in 2014 it felt like the hype surrounding Portugal remained with the capital city, Lisbon. A year later, Porto rocked up on TripAdvisor’s destinations on the rise and in 2015 I found myself back in the stunning city, this time in a relationship. I always find it interesting visiting a place on more than one occasion with friends and when in a relationship; it broadens your perspective allowing you to fall in love with the same place for more than one specific reason i.e. getting drunk with your mates trying to sing Lykke Li’s I Follow Rivers in some bar at god knows what time in the morning. I suppose this is where the influence for Take Flight is routed.

It was on my second visit that I walked along the river bank of the River Douro, passing a man casually resting using his dog as a pillow. On the sly I managed to snap a picture. The image summed up Porto for me: casual and care-free. I often imagined myself in his shoes; as I always say when you travel, whether for a long time or a short time, live as a local and not as a tourist. I started to question: who he was, where he was from, where he lived, whether he was lonely or content and most of all, where was he heading. Little did I realise, this stranger who I will most likely never meet has inspired a narrative that I intend to tell.

Probably the toughest challenge with Part One: Lost was creating a realistic and believable friendship between our main protagonist Jack and his three friends, Tomas, Gaspar and Pedro. Believe me, it’s not easy but using The Wine Box as a setting for the scene, an incredible wine bar not far off the Cais de Ribeira, allowed me to capture the brotherly essence to the friendship. Putting pen to paper on the initial prep for the characters friendship, I remember asking myself “would these guys drink a pint on a school night?”. Then I remember shaking my head; “not a chance, they’d be straight on the wine”


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