Take Flight – Part Two: Gone

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Take Flight (Part Two – Gone)


When Jack awakens the following morning to find Kenzie has disappeared, he is left questioning who was the woman he saved whilst spending the day reflecting on certain life decisions with his friends.

Mind of Mike 

Having the opportunity to write and explore a true and honest depiction of male friendship was something that interested me when coming up with the concept for Take Flight. Yes, this story is about Jack and Kenzie, but it is equally just as much about Jack’s relationship with his friends who have practically become his Portuguese family. When planning Part Two: Gone, I wanted to use this instalment to develop the friendships believability giving greater depth to characters such as Pedro, Tomas and Gaspar who may have an impacting influence on Jack’s choices as the story progresses.

Something I wanted to discuss in this instalment was the idea of pursuing relationships in your 20’s. I know from my own experience, to the older generation, it’s practically alien for someone in their 20’s to not be settled down. Truth is, life just isn’t like that anymore, not for everyone at least. I wouldn’t even consider it luck to find “the one” in your 20’s; personally I feel it can be quite restricting. What Jack, Gaspar, Pedro and Tomas all represent is freedom; I don’t believe any are in fear of commitment (maybe time will tell) but I do feel they’re content with owning their own lives.

One of the bigger mysteries coming to the forefront of the narrative is the ominous character Sophia. All I’ll say about this is watch this space. Personally, I believe people act based on others having some sort of impact on their lives. In some cases, it’s a nudge to go outside their comfort zone and do something different. In others, it’s a good kick up the arse to do something you should have done a long time ago. I think it’s fair to say I’ve had my fair share experiencing both. I suppose I’d even have to thank the one’s I’d love to give a good smack for having this effect.


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