Take Flight – Part Three: Ponte

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Take Flight (Part Three – Ponte)


Jack and Kenzie spend the day becoming better acquainted on the Dom Luis I Bridge and in the neighbouring city of Gaia, home to the Caves: the wine cellars.

Mind of Mike

Being, what one would call a shithouse with open heights, I remember the first time I walked along the Dom Luis I Bridge not knowing whether to grip on to the rail meaning I’d be able to look over the edge or whether to walk in the middle with the chance of being killed by a passing tram. I took my chances in the middle; at least my mates couldn’t throw me over that way. It was when one of my mates pointed out that you could see through the metal flooring, to what would obviously be imminent death if one was to fall, that suddenly I thought “get me the fuck of this bridge”

When developing the story for Part Three: Ponte I was inspired by the work of two people. The first was Alfred Hitchcock, a personal favourite auteur of mine who masterfully toyed with romance and mystery. The second was Ludivine Sagnier’s exquisite performance in The Young Pope. Sagnier plays the character as an enigma; one Jude Law must crack as she hides behind her innocent yet dangerously alluring persona. I always envisioned Kenzie as a blonde similar to Sagnier; maybe she‘s the modern day Hitchcock Blonde.

On a final note I have to admit, a couple of years back I did share Kenzie’s naivety. The first time visiting Porto I thought both sides of the river were the same city. It was only on the second time did I realise I was staying in Porto and visiting the wine cellars in Gaia 🤦‍♂️. Oh well, we live and learn. 


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