Take Flight – Part Six: Málaga

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Take Flight (Part Six – Málaga)


Upon arriving in Málaga, Spain, Jack and Kenzie spend the day visiting local sights whilst becoming embroiled in a heated discussion about the social media movement dominating the world of today.

Mind of Mike

So I wish I could say I planned to take a weeks sabbatical from the writing whilst I ventured over to Wrocław in Poland to experience the Christmas Markets but if I did, I’d be lying. I was meaning to keep the consistency and post last Sunday but struggled when I realised stupid me didn’t have the script to hand 🤦‍♂️. Anyway, balls up acknowledged, the show must go on.

First and foremost, I have nothing against social media. I’m not the type that Kenzie and Jack despise yet I’m also not averse to the occasional (some would say more than occasional) vanity picture… not that you’ll ever see me using #instafamous. With Part Six: Málaga, I wanted to discuss the social media movement which has had a heavy influence on both the world we live in and the people who have followed with the change. With an instalment such as this, I wanted to fairly balance the pros and cons to the debate and when planning I decided that although both Jacks and Kenzie clearly wouldn’t be conformist to the modern social media movement, they would both benefit from it for their own personal gain as the main message is: social media is anything you want it to be.

The city of Málaga is one I am very fond of; a great deal of my childhood holidays were in Málaga and around the Costa del Sol. One of the buildings I’ve always loved is the Cines Albéniz; the home to the Málaga Film Festival. As an intermediate cinephile myself, the Cines Albéniz and neighbouring restaurant El Pimpi are must sees in Málaga; both being visited by some of the biggest names and greatest talents in the film industry over the years. Here’s hoping my photograph ends up on the walls of the visited cinematic greats at El Pimpi in the near future. 


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