Take Flight – Part Seven: Elecciones

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Take Flight (Part Seven – Elecciones)


Kenzie begins to reflect on some of the recent choices she has made whilst becoming embroiled in a disagreement with Jack regarding personal beliefs and faith.

Mind of Mike

They really should change the lyrics and name of Andy Williams infamous Christmas song to Its the Most Expensive Time of the Year; just when I think I’ve got everything I realise I can’t give presents unwrapped without a card. That was another arm and a leg in Paperchase; my Dad would say “save yourself a fortune and go to Card Factory” but this decision sits perfectly with this weeks instalment, Part Seven: Elecciones. 

Elecciones is the Spanish translation for choices and just like I made a rather costly choice this week, our principal characters are starting to reflect on some of the recent choices they have made whilst continuing to make others, potentially leading them down a rabbit hole of disaster. But that’s just life isn’t it? We only realise a decision is a bad one after making it, experiencing it and ultimately regretting it. 

If I asked a group of people if they’d ever made a regrettable choice I’d guarantee 100% would raise their hands. Simultaneously, if I asked who made the choice knowing and acknowledging the potentially damaging impact of that decision, I still believe I’d get a fair show of hands. That’s because we are people and as people we are constantly challenged by choices to walk the wrong path and like Jack and Kenzie realise by the end of this instalment, the wrong path is too intriguing to shy away from, because it’s a damn site more exciting than the right one. 


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