Take Flight – Part Eight: Moments

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Take Flight (Part Eight – Moments)


Jack and Kenzie travel to Riga in Latvia where their relationship is tested.

Mind of Mike

I remember the years when weekend drinking was easy; couple of drinks Friday, an abundance on Saturday and several nightcaps on Sunday. Now I’m 26, two nights on the booze practically puts me in my coffin come Sunday. Yesterday was bad enough, this morning I’m practically Gwyneth Paltrow cardiac arresting to death in Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion. But I suppose that’s what the Christmas Season is all about: getting drink out of your system so you can start the New Year fresh with a stint of dry January… or that’s what I tell myself anyway.

Part Eight: Moments has been an instalment I’ve had planned for a while and one I’ve been most looking forward to writing, mainly for the challenge. Heavily inspired and influenced by the work of cinematic auteur Terrence Malick, I wanted to develop the relationship between Jack and Kenzie without the use of dialogue, with the entire narrative being told through the use of actions and visuals. I’m aware that Terrence Malick sometimes doesn’t even use screenplays, relying on his actors to completely improvise, however I wanted to incorporate the style of one of cinema’s best filmmakers who I greatly admire into this project. I like to think the instalment brings a relatable element to the true nature of romantic relationships, especially one that shows the ups and downs.

Music has also played a great part in this instalment. And before you say it: yes, I am aware I have used French pieces of music against the Latvian location backdrop, but I love French music, what can I say. I remember the first time I heard the song Comptine d’un autre ete; it wasn’t whilst watching the infamous film Amelie, but instead listening to an ex-girlfriends favourite songs. When I heard it, I remember being captivated by the contrasting uplifting tone whilst appreciating that sad undercurrent vibe. I suppose that’s a true and honest reflection of Jack and Kenzie’s relationship.

With Christmas just round the corner, when best to take a week off that now. With that said, there won’t be a release of Take Flight next week, but make sure you come back the week after for not only Part Nine, but the first episode of the Manchester based television show Forever Adolescent.

To all my readers, a personal thank you for following my creative writing journey and enjoy the holiday season x


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