About Me

Hofburg, Vienna

As daunting as it is putting your creative work in the public domain, it’s even more so writing an “about me” bio. It’s a Saturday morning, I’m a little hungover from last nights’ “do I or don’t I do this blog” drinks and I’m currently staring at my laptop faced with that 24 hour bug all writer’s come down with time to time: writer’s-block.

But anyway, here goes.

A graduate of Film and Media at Manchester Metropolitan University, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t developing some form of film idea as a screenplay. It was during High School studying literature texts such as Of Mice and Men and Great Expectations that I realised novels just weren’t for me and found an interest in the art of script writing. Nothing more than a personal preference.

I even remember my first screenplay: Madeline’s Manor. It was terrible. To this day, I couldn’t tell you what it was about apart from it being inspired by the actress Emilia Fox who I envisioned as the lead. I followed this with Royale Gardens; a Zack Snyder’s 300 meets Disney’s Kingdom Hearts mash up which was more mess than mash up. Must have been going through a big video game phase, thank God that’s over.

Although all most probably dreadful to say the least, I never look back on the ten or fifteen amateur screenplays I wrote during my younger years with embarrassment. If it wasn’t for these ten or fifteen screenplays, I wouldn’t have shook off the generic genre pieces and developed into the writer I wanted to be.

Over the past two years I have written three feature length screenplays, with another currently being written and a ten episode television series based in the heart of Manchester. Just like the great auteur and influential Pedro Almodovar brands his work the cinema of women, I like to consider my work the cinema of men, frequently challenging stereotypes and themes in regards to modern ideology of masculinity.

As I come to the end of my fourth screenplay, To Be In Love, I think it’s time start putting my work out there for people to read. After all, who wants to write for an empty space?

But I’m not releasing these brainchild projects just yet. As Pope Pius the XIII states in HBO’s The Young Pope in regards to not showing his face to the devoted public, “there’s no need”.

What I am going to do however is release ten pages of a feature length screenplay each week entitled Take Flight, inspired by my love of European travel, culture and personal photographs since I first ventured away from family several years ago. The story is one I have developed over many years but never practiced what I preach, putting pen to paper, so as an audience you would be experiencing this story as I write it.

As well as aiming to make Take Flight accessible light reading for audiences, I also want to broaden readers’ horizons offering a different medium of creative writing other than the standard novel, one that could be just as interactive generating responses and ideas to the narrative and character arcs explored weekly.

Phew. Glad that’s done. Only taken… longer than I’d write most screenplays.

Thanks for reading. Head to the the Take Flight tab to read a synopsis of the screenplay and when you’ve got a spare ten minutes, and you’re feeling that coffee, book and a biscuit vibe, catch up with what’s happening with our characters across Europe 😉