Take Flight

River Douro, Porto, Portugal
River Douro, Porto, Portugal


Take Flight tells the story of Jack, an aloof 28 year old Mancunian currently settled residing in Porto, Portugal, after embarking on a personal voyage across Europe. Falling in love with the romantic city, Jack has become accustomed to a simple life: by day he relaxes on the river bank of the infamous river Douro and by night he works in the renowned Chez Lapin restaurant as well as socialising with local friends. His content lifestyle is suddenly disrupted one evening when Kenzie, a enigmatic young woman visiting Porto, falls into the river after what appears to be an emotional night.


When developing the idea for Take Flight it has become quite the personal passion project, combining my keen interest in creative writing and my love of European travel. The narrative will catapult both our characters and audience across different parts of Europe which I have had the pleasure to visit and experience over the recent years. Also, with each weekly screenplay submission I will also include personal photography taken of the specific location featured within the weeks screenplay.

Perhaps you’re searching for a new place to travel or simply looking for bars, restaurants and sightseeing recommendations. Whatever it may be, Take Flight is more than just a story.

Mind of Mike

With each weekly instalment of Take Flight, I will publish a preface entitled Mind of Mike; this will include additional information regarding inspiration and influences, personal thoughts on the topics discussed in within the instalment and just general opinions on characters agendas and narratives.


Drama, Romance


A maximum of 15 pages of the Take Flight screenplay will be released each Sunday as PDF downloads.

Each instalment will be labeled Part One, Part Two etc with an additional sub-title i.e. Take Flight – Part One: Lost.

Want to have your opinion or input on the future of the narrative? Comments are welcome and will be considered.

All photography is my own from personal travels.